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Vitex negundo Extract

Vitex negundo Extract
Botanical Name : Vitex negundo
Common Name : Nirgundi

Assay : 0.5% Alkaloids by Gravimetry

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    Description :

    Vitex negundo [Botanical Name] commonly known as Nirgundi (Sambhalu or Sinduvaar) or Five leaved Chaste tree is a widely available plant all over India. The easy availability of Chaste tree, coupled with its reported usefulness in arthritic disorders, as anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant activity makes it a potential efficient Herb for Joint pain problems.
    As per Ayurveda the whole plant of Nirgundi helps to promotes growth of hair, useful in lungs related problems, helps to provide relief from rheumatic inflammations and good for maintaining healthy eye functions. Ayurveda also says Nirgundi supports relief from hypo pigmentation of skin, enlargement of spleen and painful teething. Nirgundi may also support healthy menstrual flow in females and promote overall Urine output as diuretic.
    As per Modern usage Nirgundi Leaves powder is found to be effective when applied with warm water to rheumatic swellings of the joints and in sprains. The warm infusion of the Nirgundi leaves is found to be useful for cleansing & healing ulcers faster. Smoke from Nirgundi dried leaves powder helps to relieve catarrh, headache and joint pain. NIrgundi extract is also found effective against cough, phlegm expulsion and fever due to various infections as febrifuge.
    Scientific studies of Nirgundi has shown presence of various Phytochemical constituents like alkaloids, flavones, glycosides, volatile oil, flavonoids, tri terpenes, and tannins which contribute to its useful medicinal actions. Scientific study has also shown that Nirgundi extract helps inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis which leads to promotion of anti-inflammation & pain killing actions. Nirgundi extract is one of the agents that can help to scavenge reactive oxygen species, which can be beneficial in the management of inflammatory disorders.