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Tribullus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Extract
Botanical Name : Tribullus Terrestris Extract
Common Name : Gokhru Extract

Assay : 20%-40% Saponins (Gravimetry)
Product Usage : Spermatogenic, Kidney Tonic

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    Description :

    Tribullus Terrestris Extract/ Gokhru is one of the important trailing plant found throughout India, is also commonly called Small Caltrops & has the botanical name as Tribulus Terrestris. In Ayurveda, Tribulus is considered as an important herb & used in various ailments. Gokhshur is considered to be a Rasayan or rejuvenating tonic & has Vatta/Pitta/Kapha pacifying properties. As per Ayurvedic Texts, Gokhru or Tribulus is considered to promote genito-urinary system health and is an important ingredient of various herbal generic medicines which helps to protect heart, liver, and kidneys. Tribulus is used in herbal Decoction or infusion form (by boiling 1-2 tsp in a cup of water for few minutes, cooling, filtering & drinking lukewarm) to support in cases of burning micturition, low urinary output, low filtration rate in kidney & for detoxification.

    Tribulus, in Ayurveda, is said to be helpful in pacifying inflammation of respiratory tract, remove extra phlegm and promotes comfortable breathing. Gokhru also promotes nutrition of Hair, helps to improve Voice quality and supports overall health.

    Tribulus, as per recent scientific study has confirmed the presence of Steroidal Saponins, which helps to promote male health & energy boosting. The study also shows the presence of phytosterols especially beta-sitosterols, beneficial for cardiovascular & urogenital health. Tribulus is given with other herbs as an anabolic tonic to help to gain muscle strength, to burn body fat and support as a potent testosterone booster. Gokshur, when taken regularly, helps to enhance libido & stamina, and promote Virility & Vitality. Tribulus also helps to reduce blood sugar levels by way of increasing digestive power and clearing urine sugar levels.