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Tecomella Undulata Extract

Rohitak Extract
Botanical Name : Tecomella Undulata Extract
Common Name : Rohitak Extract

Assay : 20% Polyphenols (UV)
Product Usage : Liver & Spleen tonic, Blood purifier

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    Description :

    Tecomella undulata is a tree species, locally known as rohida or rohitak found in Thar Desert regions of India and Pakistan. It is a medium-sized tree that produces quality timber and is the main source of timber amongst the indigenous tree species of desert regions of Shekhawati and Marwar in Rajasthan. The trade name of the tree species is desert teak or Marwar teak. Tecomella undulata is a deciduous or nearly evergreen tree of arid and semi arid regions. It is the state flower of rajasthan, India. Rohitak occurs on flat and undulating areas including gentle hill slopes and sometimes also in ravines. Tecomella undulata is mainly used as a source of timber. Its wood is strong, tough and durable. It takes a fine finish. Heartwood contains quinoid. The wood of rohitak is excellent for firewood and charcoal. As per Ayurveda Rohitak or Roheda is Bitter, Astringent, coolant, helps to pacify aggravated pitta-kapha, supports as mild laxative, blood purifier. Ayurveda mentions its usefulness in reducing hepatic & spleenomegaly and helps to solve issues related to abdominal bloatingness. The bark of rohitak obtained from the stem is used as a remedy for syphilis. Rohida is also used in curing urinary disorders, enlargement of spleen, gonorrhoea, leucoderma and liver diseases. Phytochemical screening & scientific study of the rohitak extract shows that the plant is rich in phytosterols, glycosides, tannins and polyphenolic compounds. These helps as antioxidant to protect hepatic functions, as anti-inflammation, immunity booster and reduce spleen toxicity.