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Spilanthes Oleracea Extract

Spilanthes oleracea Extract
Botanical Name : Spilanthes Oleracea Extract
Common Name : Para cress Extract

Assay : 10%-60% Spilanthol (HPLC)
Applications : Oral Care Agents

Product Usage : Sialogogue, Useful in Toothache

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    Description :

    Spilanthes oleracea is a species of flowering herb in the family Asteraceae. Common names include toothache plant, paracress, buzz buttons, electric daisy. Spilanthes oleracea is an important medicinal plant, found in tropical and subtropical countries mainly India and South America. For culinary purposes, small amounts of shredded fresh leaves are said to add a unique flavour to salads. Both fresh and cooked leaves are used in dishes such as stews in northern Brazil, especially in the state of Pará. They are combined with chilis and garlic to add flavor and vitamins to other foods. A concentrated extract of the Paracress plant, sometimes called jambu oil or jambu extract, is used as a flavoring agent in foods, chewing gum, and chewing tobacco. Spilanthol, the major constituent of jambu extract, is responsible for the perception of a mouth-watering flavor sensation, as well as the ability to promote salivation as a sialogogue, perhaps through its astringent action or its pungent taste. Popularly, it is known as toothache plant which reduces the pain associated with toothaches and can induce saliva secretion. Various extracts and active metabolites from various parts of this plant possess useful pharmacological activities. Literature survey proposed that it has multiple pharmacological actions, which include antifungal, antipyretic, local anaesthetic, bioinsecticide, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, aphrodisiac, analgesic, pancreatic lipase inhibitor, antimicrobial, antinociception, diuretic, vasorelaxant, anti-human immunodeficiency virus, toothache relieve and anti-inflammatory effects. The major pungent constituent reported in this Para cress plant is “spilanthol,” which is an isobutylamide and is well known for its insecticidal properties and boosting salivation (sialogogue).