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Smilax Glabra Extract

Smilax glabra Extract
Botanical Name : Smilax Glabra Extract
Common Name : Chopchini Extract

Assay : 10%-20% Saponins (Gravimetry)
Applications : Skin Protective Agent, Anti-Inflammation Agent

Product Usage : Anti-syphillitic, Blood cleansing

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    Description :

    Chobchini/ Chopchini/ China root [Botanical Name: Smilax china] is a evergreen and deciduous shrub that grows about 10mt in height. Smilax china is basically native to china, Korea, Taiwan and japan but now it is imported or wildly distributed in forests, hillsides and shaded places along valleys in India, Vietnam, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. As per Ayurveda Chopchini herb is bitter in taste and hot in potency. Ayurvedic texts mentions that Chobchini is found to be useful to stimulate digestive fire and very effective herb to combat constipation, abdominal distension and severe abdominal pain. Chobchini supports bodies’ physiological function to eliminate wastes of urines and faeces. China root may be effective for pacifying body pain and works on aggravated vata dosha.
    As per scientific study Chobchini extract contains Saponins, fats, sugars, glucoside. Regular use of Chobchini supports healthy Kidney and digestive functions. Chopchini and anantmool/ sarsaparilla (hemidesmus indicus), taken together is said to be useful to pacify chronic headaches. Chobchini helps to combat bacterial attack on body, supports healthy lymphatic system. China root helps to purify and cleanse blood to keep skin problems like eczema, fungal infections at bay. Chopchini is also very beneficial herb that is used to improve internal strength and cellular level energy. Water decoction of Smilax china root helps to strengthen reproductive functions and boost performance & energy. In India fresh roots water extract is found to be useful for sores and venereal diseases. In China the aerial tuber, boiled in water, is used for abscesses, arthritis, boils, cystitis, diarrhea, dyspepsia, furuncles, lymphadenopathy, rheumatism, and syphilis.