Asphaltum Extract

Shilajit Extract
Botanical Name : Asphaltum Extract
Common Name : Shilajit Extract

Assay : 40% Fulvic Acid (Gravimetry)
Applications : Rejuvenating Agent, Aphrodisiac Agent, Anti-Oxidant Agent

Product Usage : Detoxificant, Rejuvenating Tonic

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    Description :

    Shilajit Extract (Asphaltum) is as per Ayurvedic science, exudates from Rocky Mountains especially Himalayas, very Useful to Increase Vigour, Vitality, Stamina & Strength. Our Shilajit Extract has Min solubility of 90% with moisture contents of less than 5%. The product is brown in color. As Rocky Mountains along with minerals get overheated by consistent Sunrays, multiple minerals liquefy and exudates like resins or gums from plants, it is collected and purified.

    This exudate is also known as Shilajeet or Shilajatu or Mineral pitch and usually exudates from Himalayan Range of Mountains (Between India & Nepal) is collected. An ancient authentic Ayurvedic text, called the Charaka Samhita, states that there is no curable disease in the universe, which is not effectively cured by Purified Shilajit when it is administered at the appropriate time. In Sanskrit the literal meaning of Shilajit is “Rock Like” – the power to make our body like a rock enabling it to withstand the ravages of time. It has that unparalleled powers of arresting and reversing the aging process. No wonder the Indian Yogis called it as Amrita or the Elixir Of Life.

    Shilajit Extract shows presence of various minerals in ionic form, Vitamins, Fulvic acid and very important phyto-nutrients. The Fulvic acid in Shilajit Extract is in its most natural and purest form. Fulvic acid is required to dilate the cell walls and transport the minerals deep into the cells. No amount of mineral supplements will be of any use unless they are transported into the cells. Shilajit extract is also refered as Sexual Tonic and as the Best Rejuvenator.

    Minerals also act as catalysts in the assimilation of vitamins. Insufficient supply of minerals will also mean vitamin deficiency. Fulvic acid present in Shilajit Extract is rapidly developing as the healing miracle of the 21st century. Scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid and are recognizing its extraordinary potential. Fulvic acid is created in soil in the presence of micro organisms and humus (decayed plant life) so that the minerals can be transported from the soil to the plants in a faster and easier manner. Hence Fulvic acid present in Shilajit Extract alone can transport the minerals through the thick cell walls. It can effectively prolong cell life and keep it healthy for a very long time.

    Shilajit Extract thus effectively helps to arrest and reverse the aging process. Intermittent use Shilajit extract may help significantly to reduce the chances of developing degenerative ailments like diabetes, heart diseases, sexual debility, osteoporosis, rheumatism, sino-arthritis, degeneration of various joints & brain tissues etc. From ages Shilajit Extract is used as Rejuvenating tonic to improve Vigour & Vitality in human beings!