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Saraca Indica / Ashoka Extract

Ashoka Extract
Botanical Name : Saraca Indica Extract
Common Name : Ashoka Extract

Assay : 5% Tannins (Titration)
Applications : Women Healthcare Agents

Product Usage : Cures Urinary Infections, good for uterus

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    Description :

    Saraca indica (Ashok) (family Caesalpiniaceae) also known as Ashoka or asoca, is one of the most ancient sacred plants widely distributed throughout the Indian subcontinent. This tree is one of the most important sacred trees in India, both among Hindus and Buddhists, the handsome flowers being used as temple decorations. Various medicinal uses of Saraca indica had been reported in Authentic, age old, Ayurvedic Text – Charaka Samhita. As per ayurveda Ashoka is coolant, astringent, bitter to taste, analgesic, helps to stimulant ovaries, boost circulation to Uterus to strengthen its function and helps to fasten blood clotting time. A traditional ayurvedic drug Ashokaristha used for the treatment of menorrhagia is originated from Saraca indica. Saraca indica is a medicinal plant widely used by Ayurvedic physician to treat painful conditions, improve complexion of the body, improve digestion and assimilation, to alleviate excessive thirst, to kill all infectious agents, in blood disease. Studies have confirmed different parts of the plant exhibit a number pharmacological effects like antihyperglycemic, antipyretic, antibacterial, anthelmintic, activity. Secondary metabolites like Tanins, flavonoids, terpenoid, lignin, phenolic compounds, and so forth are reported from Saraca indica stem bark extracts and found responsible for their therapeutic action. Saraca Indica extract helps to improve urinary output by stimulating bladder functions. Ashoka is rightly called as Rejuvenating Herb for Women!