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Punica Granatum Rinds Extract

Pomegranate Rind Extract
Botanical Name : Punica Granatum Rinds Extract
Common Name : Pomegranate Rinds Extract

Assay : 10%-20% Tannins (Titration)
Applications : Anti-Oxidant Agents, GIT Protective Agents

Product Usage : Antioxidant, Stomachic

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    Description :


    Punica granatum extract : dadim (latin: Punica granatum) is an important fruit used commonly for maintaining good flora & fauna of the intestine.The Dried Fruit rind extract of Dadim or Pomegranate is useful as pro-biotic to improve digestive power. As per Ayurveda, Dadim has beneficial action on vitiated vata & kapha. It helps to dissolve or remove undigested toxic waste called Aam (in Ayurveda), which is main source of various ailments. In Ayurveda the Dadim chaal (fruit rind) extract by virtue of its kashaya-tikta (astringent-bitter) taste& presence of tannin’s, has been used from ancient times for ailments of Intestines like – diarrhea, dysentery, bleeding from anal region, swelling of hemorrhoids etc. It encourages healing (helps to arrest bleeding), boosts digestion and is also a tonic for the liver. It also helps to increase appetite and improve taste buds. Pomegranate peel extract is full of anti-oxidants so regular intake maintains good health of heart muscles and coronary arteries.

    External uses of Dadim chaal extract -make a paste of the extract along with lemon juice or even rose water and use it on your face, particularly for pimples or acne. Allow it to dry for some time then wash it off completely along with lukewarm water. For Facial glow – take two spoonfuls of extract , add little milk into it. In case you have oily skin, add rose water on the extract rather than milk making a paste from it. Apply this particular paste in your face whilst keeping it till it dries. Wash the face with lukewarm water and try utilizing the extract at least two times per week for much better results. For Supple skin – take two spoonfuls of extract , add one spoon of brown sugar to it. To create a paste, add one spoon of honey, one spoon of avocado oil or any essential oil of your liking and mix well. Next, scrub the face together and massage thoroughly. Wash it off along with water to obtain smooth supple skin.

    For Gargling -take 2 tsp of extract and boil them in water. Now strain the concoction and allow it to cool for a while. Next, gargle with this particular water frequently to obtain rest from sore throat, tonsil pains and bad breath.Massaging gums along with pomegranate peel extract helps in calming swollen, inflamed as well as bleeding gums. Pomegranate extract combined with tiny quantities of freshly ground black pepper can be used as a toothpowder to prevent dental caries.