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Boerhavia Diffusa Extract

Punarnava Extract
Botanical Name : Boerhavia Diffusa Extract
Common Name : Punarnava Extract

Assay : 20%-40% Saponins (Gravimetry)
Product Usage : Diuretic, Expectorant

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    Description :


    Punarnava extract (Latin name: Boerhaavia diffusa) is rightly called as Shothagni in Sanskrit (which means Oedema reducer), as in Ayurveda it is first line of medicine as Diuretic for whole body oedema due to various reasons. Literally meaning “the one that renews”, Punarnava is well known in Ayurveda for its health promoting qualities. It is one of the best herbs for balancing and rejuvenating kapha and is an ingredient in most traditional kapha-reducing formulas. Punarnava is mentioned to have positive effect on Vitiated kapha, pitta dosha’s (Humors of body) and on blood disorders.

    Scientific study has presence of Nitrates of Potassium & alkaloids, which targets & improves glomuler filtration rate of Kidney. Punarnava is helpful to remove extra fluids accumulated in stomach lining due to early liver affections and chronic peritonitis. Punarnava extract is also given with other herbs like Ginger & Vacha (Acorus) to help to reduce inflammation in alveoli of lungs & ultimately formation of mucus. This helps to diminish cough & cold in body.

    Water infusion or extract of Punarnava extract helps to remove toxic waste & other impurities from body through Urine. It helps to reduce swelling of urinary tract & burning sensation while urinating. Regular intake of Water extract of Punarnava supports cardiac wellbeing and reduces swelling in heart muscle layers. It also helps to remove overall water retention, heavy feeling of body and helps to reduce weight.

    Punarnava is found helpful to reduce joint inflammation with Oedema when taken 1tsp with 2-3 pinch ginger extract & ½ cup warm milk.