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Pueraria Tuberosa Extract

Indian Kudzu Extract
Botanical Name : Pueraria Tuberosa Extract
Common Name : Kudzu Indian Extract

Assay : 2% -3% Flavonoids (Gravimetry)
Applications : Rejuvenating Agents

Product Usage : General Tonic, refrigerant

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    Description :

    Vidarikand (in Sanskrit) (Botanical name – Pueraria tuberosa ) belongs to the family of Fabaceae and is a climbing, coiling and trailing vine with large tuberous roots. A fully grown plant measures 5-6 meters in height. The tubers are globose or pot-like, about 25 centimetres (9.8 in) across and the insides are white, starchy and mildly sweet. Vidarikand plant bears flower with blue or bluish purple shade. Vidarikand is popularly known as Indian Kudzu & is mainly found in India, Nepal and Pakistan.
    Ayurveda in its texts mentions Vidarikand as heavy to digest, helps to increase moisture level of tissues and stickiness of secretions. Ayurveda says Vidarikand is sweet to taste and this taste remains in all stages of digestion. Vidarikand or Indian Kudzu helps to cool & refresh body tissues & cells. Due to these properties it alleviates pitta & vata and heat in the blood. Ayurveda also mentions Vidarikand’s use to support healthy reproductive system.
    Research studies have shown presence of plant based flavonoids, natural plant base Sterols, Sugars, Amino acids in roots. Indian kudzu is helpful as Rejuvenating tonic, referigerant, which promotes muscle mass, strength & weight gain. Vidarikand supports healthy performance & strength. Regular intake of Vidarikand helps to improve urinary tract functions & output. Vidarikand is supposed to be helpful during post delivery period of women to improve lactation process.