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Pterocarpus Marsupium Extract

Indian kino Extract
Botanical Name : Pterocarpus Marsupium Extract
Common Name : Indian Kino, Vijaysar Extract

Assay : 5% -20% Flavonoids (Gravimetry)
Applications : Anti-Diabetic Agents

Product Usage : Anti-diabetic, Blood purifier, Reduces heat from Skin

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    Description :

    Vijaysar is commonly known as Indian Kino Tree, Malabar kino tree with Botanical name as Pterocarpus marsupium. Indian kino tree grows to 10-15 meters in height, smoky skin of the trunk bears vertical slits, Gum exudates is red in colour. Bijaysar or Vijaysar tree is seen grown in western, southern India and in Bihar area. Kino is the juice (exudates) obtained by incisions in the trunk inspissated without artificial heat.
    As per Ayurveda Vijaysar is safe and cheap method to take care of blood sugar, weight control and reduce joints pain. Vijaysar was first introduced by Acharya Sushruta, thousands of years ago for blood sugar control. Since ancient times, Ayurvedic doctors used blocks/pieces of Vijaysar to control high sugar, pieces of Vijaysar were soaked in water overnight and in the morning, the same was sieved with cloth and given to the patients. Ayurveds mentions use of Vijaysar powder for blood purification and skin wellness. Vijaysar was also recommended for hair growth and as rejuvenating tonic.
    Recent studies of Vijaysar extract, shows presence of Flavonoids (as anti-oxidant), kino-tannic acid as active principles which helps to control loose motions in diarrhoea and supports astringent actions. Vijaysar supports antioxidant & joint inflammation reducing action. Indian kino extract helps to control high blood sugar, reduce glycosylated haemoglobin level (which helps to reduce long term ill effects of Diabetes on heart, eyes, kidney, nerves). Vijaysar extract taken regularly helps to reduce Pitta (heat ) in the cellular levels and slow down the wear & tear of cells. Indian kino extract helps to detoxify or cleanse the vascular system and keep healthy , oxygenated bood flow to important organs.