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Phaseolus vulgaris Extract

White kidney bean Extract
Botanical Name : Phaseolus vulgaris Extract
Common Name : White Kidney Bean Extract

Assay : > 20% Proteins (UV)
Applications : Anti-Obesity Agents

Product Usage : Tonic, Weight loss Suppliment

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    Description :

    The white kidney bean (Latin name – Phaseolus vulgaris) is a major grain legume consumed worldwide for its edible seeds and pods. It is a highly polymorphic warm-season, herbaceous annual. There are 2 plant types: erect herbaceous bushes, up to 20-60 cm high; and twining, climbing vines up to 2-5 m long. Phaseolus vulgaris originated from Central and South America, where it was cultivated as early as 6000 BC in Peru and 5000 BC in Mexico. White kidney bean is now widespread and cultivated as a major food crop in many tropical, subtropical and temperate areas of the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Scientific study has shown that White kidney bean extract provide a good source of protein, an excellent source of fiber, and several essential nutrients. Amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, play a major role in many bodily processes, including muscle building, nutrient transport, and hormone production. High fiber diets are associated with improved digestive health and can help promote bowel regularity by increasing stool bulk and decreasing the time between bowel movements. White beans have a high nutrient density and fairly low calorie count. Combined with their high fiber and protein content, these attributes may promote a healthy body weight. Scientific study claim that white bean extract can fight the effects of alpha-amylase, an enzyme involved in breaking down carbohydrates into sugar. By slowing alpha-amylase activity, white bean extract is thought to prevent the body from turning excess sugar (glucose) into fat and also prevent accumulation of fats in abdominal viscera. White bean extract is said to help or support fight insulin resistance, increase energy, enhance athletic performance, ease symptoms of arthritis, and reduce the risk of diabetes & heart disease. Phaseolus vulgaris also helps to cleanse urinary tract system and strengthen kidney functions.