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Petroselinum Crispum Extract

Parsley Extract
Botanical Name : Petroselinum Crispum Extract
Common Name : Parsley Extract

Assay : 30% Flavonoids (Gravimetry)
Applications : Women Healthcare Agent, Kidney Care Agent

Product Usage : Aromatic, Diuretic, Uterine stimulant

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    Description :

    Parsley or garden parsley (latin name – Petroselinum crispum) is a species of flowering plant in the family Apiaceae that is native to the central and eastern Mediterranean region, but has naturalized elsewhere in Europe, and is widely cultivated as an herb, and a vegetable. Curly leaf parsley for its flavour, aromatic taste, is often used as a garnish in Europe, as well as in western Asia, many dishes are served with fresh green chopped parsley sprinkled on top. Parsley is a source of flavonoids and antioxidants, especially luteolin, apigenin,folate, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Parsley extract is used to soothe various digestive complaints, such as indigestion, flatulence, and loss of appetite, and may prevent stomach ulcers. Daily consumption of Parsley in salad significantly reduces the blood glucose potentially via inhibition of gluconeogenesis and direct stimulation of glycolysis. Parsley extract supports healthy kidney functions and improves urination as a diuretic. Parsley when given with other herbs improves blood flow to uterus, strengthens its muscles and helps to contract to maintain healthy monthly menstrual flow. The essential oil present in Parsley helps to lubricate joints, reducing pain & inlfammation in arthritis.