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Organic Zingiber Officinale Extract

Botanical Name : Organic Zingiber Officinale Extract
Common Name : Organic Ginger Extract

Assay : 5% Total Gingerol (HPLC)

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    Description :

    Organica Ginger extract / Zingiber Or Suntha is a important herb/spice in Indian families largely cultivated in warm, moist regions chiefly in Madras, Cochin & Travancore, the scraped & dried rhizomes as well as green ones are used. As per Ayurveda Ginger is pungent in taste, hot in potency and pacifies Vitiated Vata/kapha. It is easily digested, absorbed from the intestines and has anti-flatulency, intestinal spasm reducing properties. It cleans the toxicity from the tongue, by removing undigested (Aam) food materials and ignites the appetite. The Aromatic oil present in the Ginger rhizome helps to prevent bad breadth, improve salivary secretion (sialagogue) and stimulates gastro-intestinal tract.

    Organic Ginger is also useful in common cold & cough, where there is immunity suppression & fever sets in. It helps to remove extra phlegm from bronchus and respiratory tract & reduce symptoms of acute bronchitis/ Sinusities and headache/ bodyache. On long term basis it is also helpful as hot water infusion drink like herbal tea in evening to relieve symptoms of Rheumatic conditions like joint heaviness, pain and warmness etc. This herbal tea when consumed regularly also acts as anti-oxidant, removing blockages from blood vessels and re-energise lungs to get more Oxygen level. Ginger extract combines with black pepper extract (kali miri) & pippali extract (piper longum) (collectively known as Trikatu extract ), which act as carminative & increase Bio-availability of the drug given along Trikatu.

    Externally – ginger extract is applied over affected joint area Or forehead with warm water/ Nilgiri oil (Eucalyptus oil) as local stimulant & rubefacient to have pain killer action.