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Piper Longum Extract

Long Pepper extract
Botanical Name : Piper Longum Extract
Common Name : Indian Long Pepper Extract

Assay : 2% -3% Piperine (HPLC)
Piperlongumine 1% (HPLC)
Product Usage : Respiratory Support (Tonic), Thermogenic, Carminative

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    Description :

    Piper Longum (Latin, linn) is an indigenous plant to North- eastern & southern india and Ceylon, cultivated in Eastern Bengal. Pippali is the term applied to the fruit of Indian Long Pepper Extract. Pippali is a powerful Rejuvenating herb that strengthens and nourishes the body. It is useful in various ailments especially of respiratory tract, digestive system, genital system, Skin, Liver & spleen.

    As per Ayurvedic textual reference Pippali is better for Vitiated Vatta, Kapha of the body & is hot, pungent in quality. From ancient time Pippali Extract when taken with honey is found useful for removing extra phlegm, relieve cough & cold, sore throat & hiccups. Ayurveda also mentions utility of Pippali powder with Jaggery (twice in quantity) – useful in loss of appetite, indigestion, chronic fever, anaemic conditions. Various basic formulations are made using Pippali as important ingredient in Ayurveda, which are used in stomach problems like flatulency, colic, indigestion, fullness etc.

    Scientific study shows presence of Piperlongumine & other useful alkaloids in Pippali which has various beneficial actions like stopping excessive cell growth, as an antioxidant, relieving from chronic Cough & Cold. Piper longum Powder has also shown promising action in Joint inflammations as pain reducer and anti-inflammation action.