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Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract

Hibiscus Dry Extract
Botanical Name : Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract
Common Name : Hibiscus Extract

Assay : 2.0% Tannins (Titration)
Product Usage : Coolant. External - Hair tonic

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    Description :

    Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract also known as shoe flower is grown all over Indian continent in backyard and is considered Sacred used in daily Puja/Prayers. It is used from ancient times & in Ayurveda it is used as Natural Hair Tonic. As per Ayurvedic texts Hibiscus extract when taken internally helps to pacify Kapha/ vata and has absorbent action.

    Externally Hibiscus extract is used as scalp paste with rose water, kept for 1-2 hours &washed with plain water. This helps to cool hair follicles, decrease extra heat & prevent hair loss. Hibiscus extract also helps to colour the hair and growth of the hair follicles. Regular use of Hibiscus extract on hairs helps to conditioning & moisturizing it. Numerous Ayurvedic oils preparation for Healthy hairs contains Hibiscus as main ingredient. In cosmetic industry also Hibiscus is used in variety of different ways like as Hibiscus shampoos, hair oil and hair conditioners.

    Internally Hibiscus extract is used as astringent to control & prevent excessive menstrual bleeding. It is also given for skin problems like impure blood, itching, and burning sensation due to excessive heat in surrounding.