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Harda Extract

Terminalia Chebula Extract
Botanical Name : Terminalia Chebula Extract
Common Name : Harda Extract

Assay : Tannins 20 % - 50 % (Titration)
Applications : Rejuvenating Agents, GIT Protective Agents

Product Usage : Detoxifier, Laxative, Anti-oxidant

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Description :

Harde or Haritaki has been regarded very highly from ancient times by traditional healers and it is rightly called the MOTHER OF HERBS. It is widely used in ayurvedic medicines for various ailments as Rejuvenating & Vitalising Tonic. It is among the important three fruits used in “Triphala” (Three Myrobalans) an ayurvedic medicine which is well known name throughout the world for its health benefits. As per ayurvedic texts it has Tridosha’s viz Vata, Pitta & kapha pacifying properties and has potency of an anti-ageing agent.

Harde basically helps to remove toxins & undigested materials from body as mild laxative & prevents formation of piles. Harde fruit Extract supports well being of eyes, brain, throat, intestine, skin, liver, spleen & urinary tract. It has anti-oxidant properties, prevents tissue damage & also helps to heal ulcers.

Harde Extract is supposed to be beneficial for healing mouth ulcers & gingivitis by way of local application. It helps to reduce inflammation of bronchus, formation of extra phlegm and reduce tussive cough. Haritaki is an amazing herb that can be helpful in treating hair loss problems. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, iron, manganese, selenium, copper etc., which is helpful in hair growth. It can be used in many ways such by eating, applying Extract on hair or using haritaki hair oil.