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Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Gymnema Dry Extract
Botanical Name : Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
Common Name : Gudmar Extract

Assay : 25% -75% Gymnemic Acids (Gravimetry)
Applications : Anti-Diabetic Agent, Kidney Care Agent

Product Usage : Anti-diabetic, Mild diuretic

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    Description :

    Gudmar (Bot. Name – Gymnema sylvestre) is a herb native to Asia that has being used medicinally for thousands of years in India. Accordingly to ayurveda it is called Gudmar, which literally means ‘Sugar-Destroyer’. Also if we chew Gudmar leaves, then our tongue becomes dead to Sugar taste for 1-2 hours. Gudmar helps to maintain healthy Blood sugar levels by stimulating Insulin secretion & its function to metabolise excessive sugar. As per Bhavprakash Nighantu (Ancient Ayurvedic Text), Gudmar herb is bitter in taste, has pungent taste after digestion, with dry in properties & aggravates Vata dosha. Gudmar supports regularizing bowel movements, improving digestion, suppressing sugar cravings & healthy glucose metabolism.

    Gudmar or Gymnema powder when taken with warm water early morning reduces formation of phlegm & cough in Diabetic patients. Regular intake of Gymnema powder for a sustained period prevents ill effects of Diabetes Mellitus on human body and helps to reduce Average Blood glucose Or Glycosylated haemoglobin level (HBA1C levels). Gudmar also promotes healing diabetic wounds and repair of damaged tissues with other healing herbs. The skin tone & colour gets affected due to high sugar level, in such cases Gymnema supports to prevent skin ailments. As per Modern science & ongoing research Gudmar contains Gymnemic acids which are best Sugar-metabolizer. Gymnemic acids supports stimulation action on insulin secreting cells in pancreas,which in turn helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.