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Gloriosa Superba Seeds Extract

Gloriosa Seeds Extracts
Botanical Name : Gloriosa Superba Seeds Extract
Common Name : Gloriosa Extract

98%-99% Thiocolchicoside (HPLC)
Applications : Anti-Arthritic Agent, Anti-Inflammation Agent

Product Usage : Anti-gout, Cholagogue Muscle Relaxant

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    Description :

    Gloriosa superba is the only species in this genus in the autumn-crocus family (Colchicaceae). Gloriosa is a semi-woody herbaceous, branching climber, reaching approximately 5 metres in height. With various common names including gloriosa lily, glory lily, fire lily, cat’s claw or tiger’s claw, kalihari or Langli (in ayurveda) this highly variable, deciduous, summer-growing tuberous plant from tropical and southern Africa and temperate and tropical Asia (from China to India) is grown as a perennial in mild climates and as a summer “bulb” in colder areas for its dramatic red flowers. As per ayurveda Gloriosa is used in dysentry, piles, as anti-inflammation, good for Joint pain, skin diseases, abortificient and is hot in potency. Scientific study has proven that Gloriosa contains the alkaloid colchicine, which has been used effectively to treat acute gout, intestinal worms, infertility, wounds and other skin problems. Colchicine is used in the treatment of gout and rheumatism. At present Gloriosa is the drug of choice for acute gout, It reduces the inflammatory reaction to urate crystals deposited in the joints. Langli or the glory lilly has also been used as an antidote for snake bite, as a laxative, and to induce abortion.