Curcuma Longa Extract

Turmeric Dry Extract
Botanical Name : Curcuma Longa Extract
Common Name : Curcumin Extract

Assay : 10% - 95% Curcuminoids (HPLC)
Product Usage : Skin Creams, Lotions, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-inflammatory

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    Description :

    Turmeric extract Haldi also known as Turmeric Or Curcuma is an important kitchen ingredient of every household worldwide.It is employed largely as a colouring agent & as condiment entering largely in to the composition of Indian pickles and curry powders. As per ancient Ayurvedic Literatures & texts, Turmeric is Pungent, Bitter in tastes with hot & dry in potency, pacifies kapha/Pitta dosha’s, helps to diminish various blood disorders & heals skin wounds. In Herbal Medicines it is usually included in all formulations pertaining to Beauty & cosmetics as Turmeric is considered to be best Skin tonic. Regular use of Haldi cleans the Blood, keeps various Skin ailments away and helps to destroy bacteria’s which cause obstruction in healing Skin ulcers.

    Various uses of Haldi are mentioned in Ayurvedic, Unnani & Home remedies books. The anti-bacterial activity & immunity boosting property of Curcuma Shields Human body from various Septic micro-organism and fights various dreadful diseases. In small children haldi ¼-1tsp is given regularly in warm milk to develop immunity and prevent recurrent cough & cold, chronic rhinitis, esonophilia, bronchitis etc. In adults, 1-11/2 tsp daily intake with warm milk or honey-warm water, prevents from recurrent Urinary Infections, skin infections & balances irregular high blood glucose levels.

    Externally Turmeric powder is rubbed over affected Skin ailments with gingelly oil or sprayed over non healing ulcers. It is also used frequently for gargling with warm water & pinch of salt for Sore throat, voice hoarseness and other throat infections.