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Crataeva Nurvula Extract

Varuna bark Extract
Botanical Name : Crataeva Nurvula Extract
Common Name : Varuna Extract

Assay : 20% - 30% Saponins (Gravimetry)
Applications : Kidney Care Agents

Product Usage : Lithotriptic, Urinary Problems

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    Description :

    Crataeva nurvala Or Varun Or Varuna (Family -Capparaceae) is a high-value medicinal tree that grows almost all over India, especially in the semiarid regions. The small wild or cultivated tree is widespread from India to Southeast Asia, south of China. It grows lowlands to an altitude of 1,000 m (3,300 ft) above sea level. It occurs on glades, at the edge of a forest, near rivers and lakes, etc. Medicinal usage has been reported in traditional systems of medicine, such as Ayurveda and Unani, where in the plant is frequently preferred in the treatment of urinary tract disorders that reoccur owing to infecting organism. Ayurveda also mentions use of Varun in reducing blood uric acids, improve digestion and detoxification. Varuna has also been used in the treatment of prostate enlargement and bladder sensitivity. Varuna is known to relieve, prevent, and promote the discharge of kidney stones. The Varun plant, as per scientific study has flavonoids, Saponins, triterpenes, tanins, alkaloids. Lupeol, a pentacyclic triterpene isolated from the Varun extract, has been shown to significantly minimize the deposition of stone-forming constituents in kidneys. Investigations have also indicated the plant has anti-arthritic, hepatoprotective, and cardio-protective actions. Varun extract helps to reduce heart layers swelling, improve heart functions. Overall it is assumed that the Varun extract is helpful in reducing or normalizing the serum and urinary creatinine and restoring the normal metabolism of the urinary system.