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Cassia Tora Extract

Cassia tora Extract
Botanical Name : Cassia Tora Extract
Common Name : Foetid cassia Extract

Assay : 20%-25% Glycosides (Gravimetry)
Product Usage : Skin wellness

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    Description :

    Foetid cassia or Sickle senna or Chakvad [Latin name – Cassia tora Linn. (Family: Leguminosae)] is well known plant widely distributed in India and other tropical countries. Cassia tora is considered an annual weed, is very stress tolerant, and is easily grown in wild wasteland. In India, it occurs as a wasteland rainy season weed and its usual flowering time is after the monsoon rains, during the period of October to February. Different parts of the cassia plant (Leaves, seed, and root) are reputed for their medicinal value. Ayurveda mentions Chakvad uses as coolant, good for heart, pacifies cough, good for reducing heat under the skin and as antihelminthic. Cassia tora is well recognized traditional medicine as laxative and is useful for treatment of leprosy, ringworm infection, ophthalmic, skin diseases and liver disorders. Several chemical compounds such as Anthraquinone glycosides, Naphthopyrone glycosides, Phenolic compounds, Flavonoids etc. have been isolated from this plant extract.