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Cassia Alata Extract

Cassia alata Extract
Botanical Name : Cassia Alata Extract
Common Name : Cassia Leaves Extract

Assay : >0.5% Anthraquinone (UV)
Applications : Skin Protective Agents

Product Usage : Purgative. Ext - For Ringworm

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    Description :

    Cassia alata also known as Senna alata, is a widely distributed herb of the Leguminosae family. This Cassia is commonly known as candle bush, craw-craw plant, acapulo, ringworm bush, or ringworm plant. Cassia alata plant is commonly found in Asia and Africa, and has many local names. It is an annual and occasionally biannual herb, with an average height of 1 to 4 m, burgeoning in sunlit and humid zones. In Ayurvedic, Sinhala, Chinese, and African traditional medicine, various parts of Cassia alata have shown diverse therapeutic activities in diseases control. Scientific study has shown presence of arrays of bioactive chemical compounds in Cassia alata extract. Some of the reported chemical constituents are phenolics, anthraquinones, fatty acids, natural steroids, and terpenoids. There are many published articles connected to diverse therapeutic activities of Cassia alata which are mainly related to antibacterial, antidiabetic, antilipogenic, antifungal, antioxidant, dermatophytic, antihyperlipidemic, and anthelmintic activities among others. Few studies have also reported its antimalarial activities. Cassia alata supports adequate bowel cleansing as purgative due to presence of anthroquinones, as well as helps to expel intestinal worms. Cassia alata helps to combat harmful bacteria’s and fungal infections. Regular use of Cassia herb helps to control high blood sugar and lowers harmful lipid levels. Cassia alata is rich in antioxidants which helps to protect cellular damage and provide nutrition. Currently, the leaves, flowers, and bark of cassia alata are used for treating various kinds of skin infections and diseases.