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Cassia Fistula Extract

Cassia fistula Extract
Botanical Name : Cassia Fistula Extract
Common Name : Indian Laburnum Extract

Assay : 5%-10% Mucilage (Gravimetry)

Applications : Skin Protective Agents, GIT Protective Agents

Product Usage : Laxative, Skin diseases. Ext- Ringworm, Insect bites

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    Description :

    Aragvadha / Aragwadha / Indian Laburnum or Purging cassia (Botanical name – Cassia fistula) is a moderate sized deciduous tree grows up to the height of 20 feet to 35 feet. Amaltas or Indian Laburnum plant grows all over India and also used as Ornamental Plant, fruits collected when ripe. Amaltas is the pulp collected from the ripe fruit of cassia fistula plant & dried. Aragvadha is a Sanskrit word, which literally means to eliminate the disease. Amaltas is used as a medicine in Ayurveda, Siddha and unani system of medicine. In Ayurveda it is mainly indicated in Skin diseases and as a mild laxative in children. As per Ayurvedic science Amaltas or Cassia fistula extract is found useful to clear unwanted undigested material (AAM) and detoxify whole digestive tract. Ayurveda also mentions the use Amaltas (boiled in milk) to decrease excessive heat by Virechan (purgation) in Pitta vitiated cases. Many poly-herbal formulations are mentioned in Ayurveda which contain Aragvadh, useful in Skin disorders, intestinal infections, fever, digestion & constipation.
    Purging cassia is also found useful to support healthy skin & as blood purifier. Regular intake of Aragvadh helps to boost immunity and fight back various harmful germs. Cassia fistula may be helpful to subside fever, toxicity & its symptoms.
    Research study has shown presence of anthraquinones, Mucilage, pectins, colouring agents in Amaltas or Cassia fistula extract which are best in the class for healthy, safe & natural purgation, helpful in chronic constipation, piles. Scientific studies have shown promising action of Amaltas on faster healing of skin ulcers & inflammation.