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Cassia Angustifolia Extract

Cassia Angustifolia Extract
Botanical Name : Cassia Angustifolia Extract
Common Name : Senna Leaves Extract

Assay : 20% - 40% Sennosides (HPLC)
20% - 60% Sennosides (UV(BP))
60% Sennosides (USP) (Spectrofluorometer)

Applications : GIT Protective Agents

Product Usage : Laxative

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Description :

Senna extract is a herb that is generally used for its laxative properties. Cassia Angustifolia Extract contains anthraquinones, sennosides, numerous minor sennosides have been identified, and all appear to contribute to the laxative effect. These compounds work as a laxative by smoothing& relaxing the tissues as digested food moves through the intestines. It helps to eliminate Vitiated & putrefied Pitta through motion and gives relief from a fever caused by excessive Pitta.

It supports the reduction of ascitis (fluid accumulation in peritoneum) with other medicines. It aids in the removal of toxins from skin layer and removing it from intestines. It helps to remove extra phlegm from lungs and reduce the intensity of a cough.

It is also found that Senna constituents, aloe-emodin, and beta-sitosterol, possess inhibitory activity against cancer cells in mice.