Momordica Charantia Extract

Bitter Melon Dry Extract
Botanical Name : Momordica Charantia Extract
Common Name : Bitter Melon Extract

Assay : 2.5%-8% Bitters (Gravimetry)
Applications : Hepatoprotective Agents, Anti-Diabetic Agents, Skin Protective Agents

Product Usage : Antidiabetic, Blood purifier, Liver wellness, useful in hepatitis

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    Description :

    Karela Extract (Momordica Charantia) has many names. In Pakistan, India among other Asian countries, it is known by this name, Karela. In English speaking countries, it’s known as bitter gourd, bitter squash or bitter melon. This cucumber-like fruit with ugly bumps all over it is popular due to its various health benefits.

    Karela seeds contain plant-based insulin known as polypeptide-P, which acts like insulin made in the pancreas, which helps to lower sugar levels &long term toxic effect of high sugar levels. Karela also has character and momordicin, as 2 essential substances which are useful as anti-oxidants in normalizing blood pressure as well as warding off diabetes complications. Karela strengthens the immune system, wards off scavenging Free radicals& prevents cell damage by virtue of its anti-oxidant properties.

    As mentioned in Ayurvedictexts Karela is cold in potency, easily digestible & bitter in taste. It has Pitta, Kapha pacifying action & do not aggravate Vata. It also has Blood purifying properties & helps in de-worming. Karela facilitates oxygenated & proper blood flow to the skin, which helps to cleanse & heal the skin disorders.It supports healthy digestion, acts as appetiser & has mild purgative action.

    Karela removes extra phlegm from the system & purifies respiratory tract, helps to pacify fever.Karela has sufficient quantity of Beta-carotene& other nutrients which helps to recover from anemic & general debility condition. A study shows that it also helps to prevent macular degeneration of eye and Boost energy.