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Bambusa Arundinacea Extract

Bamboo Resin Extract
Botanical Name : Bambusa Arundinacea Extract
Common Name : Bamboo Resin Extract

Assay : 50% -60% Silica (Gravimetry)
Product Usage : Stimulant, Febrifuge, Tonic

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    Description :

    Bambusa arundinacea is a tall, bright-green colored spiny bamboo species, which grows in thickets consisting of a large number of heavily branched, closely growing culms. It reaches a height of 10–35 m and grows naturally in the forests of the dry zones. The Bambusa is native to the Himalayas, but is now cultivated widely throughout tropical Asia and America for its commercial value. It is also present in the regions ranging from Sierra Leone to South Nigeria and other African territories. The bamboo or bambusa resin (also known as Tabasheer or Banshalochan) is the Siliceous secretion found in the internodes of the stems of various species of Bamboo. Scientific study of Bamboo resin extract has shown presence of Silica. Tabasheer occuors in fragments of masses, and is translucent or transparent and bluish white color. Bambusa stem extract or Banshalochan is astringent, acrid, sweet, cooling, expectorent, constipating, cardiotonic, haemostatic, aphrodisiac, diuretic. Tabasheer helps in reducing inflammation in Joints, reducing joint pain and swelling. Banshalochan as ayurvedic science is useful in fever conditions, where there is body pain, muscle lethargy. Bamboo resin extract helps to improve blood circulation by stimulating heart muscles and improving urine output. Banshalochan helps to improve energy level in body and supports as overall tonic. Banshalochan or Vansalochan helps to loosen the sticky cough and expel it out of the body.