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Alpinia Galangal Extract

Alpinia galangal Extract
Botanical Name : Alpinia Galangal Extract
Common Name : Kulinjan Extract

Assay : 4% Flavanoids (UV)
3% Polyphenols (UV)
Applications : Lung Protective Agent

Product Usage : Good for Vocal chord, Expectorant, heart purifier

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    Description :

    Kulinjan / Mahabharivach / Greater galangal [Botanical Name: Alpinia galangal], a plant in the ginger family, is an herb used in cooking in Southeast Asia. Kulanjan or greater galangal tree is found commonly in South India and Bengal province. The dried rhizome of kulanjan is pulverized to obtain the powder which is used extensively for several medicinal purposes. Kulanjan herb is highly aromatic that contains very strong spicy flavour. As per Ayurveda Kulanjan is hot in potency which helps to reduce phlegm and clear airways for proper respiration. Kulinjan may help to reduce sore throat and support broncho-dialation, to reduce chest congestion. Ayurveda recommends using greater galangal for oral and voicing problems. Ayurveda says Kulinjan is useful to pacify vitiated Vata and Kapha Dosha in the body.
    As per scientific study kulanjan extract is the richest source of anti-oxidant, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals that are good for both skin and hair care. Kulinjan extract is said to have excellent anti-inflammatory properties and hence supports remedial action in joint pain, arthritis & rheumatoid arthritis. Kulinjan supports relief from discomfort that is caused due to ulcers and inflammation of the intestines. Kulinjan also helps to improve blood circulation in the body and supports cardiac well being. Kulinjan aids low blood glucose levels and proper urinary functions. Gargling with water extract of kulanjan may help to reduce foul smell from mouth and resolve toothache problem. Kulinjan may help in controlling urinary incontinence in patients suffering from high blood sugar.