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Aegle Marmelos / Bael Extract

Bael Extract
Botanical Name : Aegle Marmelos Extract
Common Name : Bilva / Bael Fruit Extract

Assay : 5% Tannins (Titration)
Applications : GIT Protective agents

Product Usage : Anti-dysentric, Anti-diabetic

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    Description :

    Aegle Marmelos Extract
     The juice is extracted from the leaves and taken every day morning on empty stomach. It is said that it controls the blood sugar levels and bring it to normal levels in about a month.
     The fruits are used to control diarrhea. The unripe fruits are collected and the pulp is dried and powdered. The dry powder if taken with water or fresh curd three times a day will control diarrhea.
     Bael extracts are also used to control cholesterol and blood urea.
     Bael is also useful in relieving constipation. Regular use of Bael extract or powder prevents constipation.
     Fresh Bael leaves extract mixed with honey and taken can cure stomach pais and constipation.
     The paste of the leaves is said to relieve joint pains and swellings if used as a poultice.