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Adiantum Capillus Extract

Capillary herb Extract
Botanical Name : Adiantum Capillus Extract
Common Name : Capillary herb Extract

Assay : 10:01 (H.E.R)
Applications : Blood & Skin Protective agent

Product Usage : Blood purifier, Anti-toxin

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    Description :

    Hansraj / Hamsapadi/ Hanspadee/ Maiden hair / Capillary herb [Botanical Name – Adiantum capillus] is a fern found throughout moist places, generally on the slopes of hills, ascending up to an elevation of about 1370 m. The Hansraj herb is widely grown in warm-temperature to tropical, with high moisture content. Maidenhair fern is a hardy, up to 35 cm high plant that has an aromatic fragrance with a creeping rhizome. Hansraj is found in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. As per Ayurveda Hansraj is bitter, astringent in taste, heavy and cold in properties. Ayurveda mentions its uses in skin disorders where there is burning sensation, boils due to heat and toxins. Ayurveda says whole plant of Fern is useful to purify urinary tract and increase urine flow. Maiden hair fern water extract is taken and syrup prepared, which helps in resolving common cough in children.
    Scientific study of Hansraj species revealed various pharmacological effects regarding different chemical constituents such as tannins, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, and natural steroids. Hansraj regular use may help to boost immunity which supports bodies defence mechanism to fight infections. Hamsapadi supports removal of extra phlegm and cough suppression response. Hansraj with other herbs supports low blood sugar levels & improvement in Urinary output. Hansraj may be used to resolve monthly periods problem by supporting healthy menstrual blood flow.