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Acacia Catechu Extract

Acacia Catechu Extract
Botanical Name : Acacia catechu
Common Name : Katha

Assay : 60% - 90% Catechin by HPLC
90% Tannins by Titration
Product Usage : Powerful Astringent, Good for Bleeding & Skin Cleanser

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    Description :

    The Acacia catechu is known as Cutch tree, Terra Japonica as well as Black Catechu. In Hindi it is called Khair and Khadira in Sanskrit. The tree of Acacia catechu is found all throughout India. The main areas for its habitat in the country are the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats and the Himalayan tracts. This tree is deciduous and has short hooked spines that reach up to the height of 9 to 12 meters. This plant was used majorly for the purpose of dyeing and tanning. The extract of the wood is cooled in moulds and the dried mass is broken into shinny jagged pieces for various uses. The Acacia extract helps in improving clotting time during excessive bleeding. Acacia extract decoction gargling helps in reducing swelling of gums & relief from sore throat. Acacia helps in absorbing extra fats or lipds and hence useful in obesity. Acacia extract when given with milk may help to control cough and reduce inflammation in bronchitis. Khadir is found useful in many skin affections, like eczema, psoriasis, pimples etc., as blood purifier and skin rejuvenation. Acacia extract is full of Tanins and Catechins which help as antioxidant, anodyne, combats bacteria, refrigerant, detergent, astringent, styptic, expectorant, stimulant and as an antiphlogistic.