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Acacia arabica Extract

Acacia Arabica extract
Botanical Name : Acacia arabica
Common Name : Babool Gum

Assay : 4:1 Herb Extract Ratio

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    Description :

    Babul (Latin – Acacia arabica) is a small tree that grows up to a height of 8-10 m. It contains small spikes. The tree is commonly found in dry regions. The parts of the tree used for medicinal purposes are stem bark, fruit, gum, and seeds. Babul is largely found in the Indian sub-continent. In English, it is generally referred to as the Indian gum Arabic tree. External use of Babhul chaal (stem Bark) – Being a blood purifier, helps to stop bleeding, vasoconstriction and healing property , its powder is sprinkled on burnt injuries and bleeds, Decoction or water extract of bark is used for uttara basti (enema through vagina) in leucorrhoea. Acacia arabica or Babhul extract is also used for tub bath in rectal prolapse and for gargles in oral disorders. Babhul is found useful in controlling loose motions in diarrhoea, dysentery. Acacia extract supports relief from piles, in bleeding disorder, in dry cough. The gum extract is found useful in urinary disorders like dysuria and also in loss of libido. Babhul is found useful in habitual Constipation, in liver disease to improve cellular functions and as astringent.
    Babhul exptract has a positive effect on respiratory system: helps as an Expectorant, useful as broncho-dialator in asthma. Babhulchaal extract helps in improving urinary outut and in Seminal weakness & utero-cervical disorder. Scientific study of Acacia arabica extract has shown presence of useful Tanins, flavonoids, polyphenolic compunds which supports medicinal use of the plant.