About Us

 ‘Growing with Herbs’ – that literally defines our existence.

Today S.A. Herbal Bioactives LLP is managed by Mr. Ankit Aggarwal (Managing Director) and a Fifth Generation holding. This company is committed and determined to offer quality products without any concession. We are exporting to more than 100 plus botanical extracts worldwide. We have gained immense reputation among our local as well as overseas clients due to our business commitments and delivery of quality products. We have been exporting more than 500 varieties of herbs. We also import herbs and acquired a reputation for sourcing and supplying rare herbs throughout the year, to meet our customer needs. To stay par above the league we keep striving to improve ourselves with regular training of staffs, installation of complete state of art infrastructure, complying with all legal aspects, and committed to customers enquires.

Quality Assurance

An ingredient supplier to Pharmaceutical, Dietary Supplement, Food, Health care, Ayurvedic and Cosmetics industry. and also render customized development and production service to meet our customer needs. We also import herbs and have acquired a reputation for sourcing and supplying rare herbs throughout the year, to meet our customer needs.

Our organisation has set up a state of the art Analytical Laboratory to carry out various types of analysis as well as R&D work related to Herbal products. It is equipped with the latest high performance instruments such as HPLC, UV visible spectrophotometer etc. to meet customers satisfactions.

Our Facilities

Extraction Unit

  • The manufacturing facility is situated in Pithampur, near Indore, Madhya Pradesh in a 3 acre plot.
  • It is fully equipped with the state –of-the art machinery like rotary extractor, falling film evaporator , reactor , spray dryer, Vaccum Tray Dryer , Fluidized Bed Dryer etc.
  • This facility can process 2000 MT of raw herbs per year. The finishing operations are carried out in clean room under class 1,00,000 to deliver quality products.
  • Our global R.M. sourcing network is designed to source the best quality raw materials at the right time, at a highly competitive price.
  • The vast experience and expertise of SA herbal Bioactives production team ensures that the production processes and the products meet market- specific regulations worldwide and strictly conforms to various customer- specific requirements.

Quality Control

A state of the art Analytical and Microbiological Laboratory to carry out various types of analysis as well as R&D work related to Herbal products. It is equipped with the latest high performance instruments such as HPLC, UV visible spectrophotometer etc to ensure product quality.

Processing Unit

There’s been growth in our manufacturing and processing facilities too, with the intention of providing superlative quality products. In an area of 40,000 sqft, we have our own processing cum warehouse unit with a cleaning and grading plant, size reduction machines for Tea cuts and Fine powders, Hydraulic baling press, dryer, roasting machines etc.

Cold Storage

  • Our Herbs and Spices are stored in our own 4000 M/T refrigerated warehouse to maintain the colour and aroma of the products.
  • Most modern Refrigeration system with Automatic Temperature and system control. Highly efficient insulation minimizes loss of weight due to Humidity. Stainless steel evaporating coils which are highly hygienic for Food products and corrosion- free.